The Secret of Silicon Valley Geeks: Smart Drugs In A Different Height

Have you ever wondered how the guys in Silicon Valley can be such geniuses? They are probably born with it, but as the news circulate, their secret has been divulged. Many geeks from this tech hub also tap the help of different nootropics to boost their cognitive performance. As to how some of them put it, it’s like “hacking” their own brains. So what is the best nootropic stack? You’ll find out here.

The movie Limitless likely fuelled your imagination about these powerful smart drugs. The fictional NZT-48 pill made Bradley Cooper’s character a superhuman: learning new languages and mastering the stock market in split seconds. But to our wild thoughts’ dismay, this crazy pill doesn’t exist. Besides, it’s something we should be thankful for. Such an effect would land you into a coma condition, or the ICU, to say the least.

If it’s not the likes of NZT-48, what do the Silicon Valley guys take to enhance their brain power? From their usual daily routines to days of binge-coding, nootropics take a vital role in their lives. Here’s what the experts (and the geeks themselves) have to say:

The LSD Drug

What started as an underground practice in Silicon Valley turns out to be a trend. Microdosing with the psychedelic drug called LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) has been popular among the workers in the technology hub. They take very minute quantities of LSD which is enough to give them laser-like focus and put them “in the zone”.

What is the best nootropic stack that Silicon Valley guys take? LSD is a synthetic chemical that falls in the hallucinogen category. This chemical came from the fungus infecting the rye plant – ergot. Pure LSD has a crystalline, odorless property but it can also be in liquid and caplet forms. Currently, LSD is a Scheduled I drug at the United States together with the likes of ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, and more. There’s no way you can buy this legally.

best nootropic stack

The risk in LSD lies on the glaring fact that it’s prone to abuse. As a Schedule I drug, LSD doesn’t have any recorded medical use, and therefore subject to a high potential for abuse. As to how Silicon Valley guys get it, only they and the black market will know.

How does LSD work?

Being a psychedelic drug, LSD can alter the perception, mood, and cognitive abilities of a person taking it. Large doses will result in hallucinations, panic, and anxiety attacks. Those working in Silicon Valley only take the recreational amount of around 10-20 micrograms. Even at this very low quantity, LSD is potent and it’s said to enhance the overall well-being of a person from managing stress to heightened concentration.

Silicon Valley has long been witnessing the magic of LSD, with the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs trying it out at some point. LSD rose to fame during the ’50s and is now experiencing a resurgence. For some people in Silicon Vallet, this is the best nootropic stack.

ADHD medications

From desperate college students up to San Francisco startup owners, Adderall and Ritalin are popular brain-boosting drugs. These ADHD medications are highly stimulating and are said to increase the enthusiasm, focus, and the cognitive performance of a person.

We’ve known Adderall for a long time and I had actually written post about safe alternatives of adderall. As a prescription drug, Adderall has a very high potential for tolerance and dependence if not taken properly. Although the likes of Jesper Noehr, BitBucket founder and CEO, got away with the sweet benefits, ADHD medications can be quite daunting.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the nootropic usage of Silicon Valley people, it would be the presence of a black market that supplies them with such substances. Noehr claims that at least one person in each company in Silicon Valley would be using a nootropic. If it’s an ADHD medication or not, no established data can say.

So what is the best nootropic stack for Silicon Valley geeks? It’s not just Adderall that’s pumping up the brain cells of these tech geeks. There’s also Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, or the stack of minute quantities of each one. But it’s not always the shady drugs that are stacked here. Noehr shared that he also takes racetams together with other research chemicals.

best nootropic stack

One expert even stated that “Adderall has a tech industry problem”. It’s even embedded in the system ever since the tech geeks have been burning the midnight oil during their university days. And since bad habits are hard to quit, they carry it with them until they landed a job in the popular technology mecca.

After all, tech workers have to be productive come hell or high waters. Besides, building a software prototype within 48 hours will likely call for desperate measures.

Stacking nootropics

Not all smart drug takers in Silicon Valley would resort to the shady options. There is also a bunch that tries legitimate nootropics stack for a consistent and far safer brain boost. With dozens of pharmaceutical companies producing pre-formulated stacks, purchasing one is as easy as getting a candy bar in a convenience store.

George Burke from Silicon Valley shared about using a stack of Piracetam in the past. Nowadays, companies produce formulas with a stack of Choline, herbal ingredients, amino acids, and other potent smart drugs. All these dodge legal issues since it’s marketed as dietary supplements without any health claims.

Another Silicon Valley guy, Jesper Noehr, experimented with Phenylpiracetam, a derivative of Piracetam that’s way potent than its originating substance. He adds caffeine, L-Theanine, and Choline for the best nootropic stack. However, it’s important to note that Phenylpiracetam is a WADA-banned substance since it’s a powerful stimulant that provides physical endurance.

Some people experiment with other smart drugs and ready to use their body as their own biological subjects. There are those who are exhausting all means to boost their cognitive performance. They pair the smart drug stack with meditation, fasting, and diet fads. However, in the fast-paced and demanding nature of Silicon Valley, only a few can commit to this healthier option.

It’s hard to find a specific stack on the web that’s used by Silicon Valley workers. Such stack is a highly guarded secret. But one thing is for sure, it’s highly potent and composed of at least half a dozen nootropics. This may sound crazy, but some guys claim that they take at least 40 supplements a day just to be on top of their game.

Nootrobox supplements

There’s this one popular supplement in Silicon Valley, those that came from Nootrobox. It’s a San Francisco startup that produces a stack of nootropics packed with amino acids and vitamins. These drugs are categorized as supplements but rated by the FDA as relatively safe. Geoff Woo, co-founder of Nootrobox, claims that the formula of their nootropics is based on in-depth understanding of biological mechanisms.

Nootrobox is a system composed of four nootropic mixes that Woo’s team designed to work in synergy. These are Rise, Sprint, Kado-3, and Yawn. These drugs are said to boost memory, sleep, energy, focus, and metabolism. They dub it as the best nootropic stack.

best nootropic stack

Of the four blends, the Rise is what they claim to be a favorite among Silicon Valley people. True enough, it has taken the tech hub in a flurry, having been featured in top publications like The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider. Rise is a daily supplement that should be taken during the morning. It induces better memory, delayed fatigue, and endurance; things that a Silicon Valley geek need for the nature of his job.

Among the ingredients of Rise are Bacopa monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, and a-GPC. The two herbal ingredients here are widely used in most over-the-counter nootropic supplements. Meanwhile, a-GPC is a Choline source that accentuates the effect of the two components.

You might think that Rise is just a typical supplement, but Silicon Valley guys would take ten pills a day. They can a few Rise, then Kado-3. The last nootropic has Omega 3, vitamin K, vitamin D, and more.

Doctors have varying opinions about Nootrobox and the long-term effects it can bring.  The interaction of other chemicals to the nootropic blend is something to be factored in.

PureEnergy caffeine

Silicon Valley geeks take caffeine in a much different level. Sure, they drink coffee, but there’s a more potent form of caffeine that they take to induce wakefulness and physical energy. What is the best nootropic stack for Silicon Valley guys? It’s called PureEnergy, a crystallized substance formed through the combination of caffeine and the anti-oxidant pterostilbene. The added pterostilbene slows down the absorption of caffeine in the body. The result is a longer half-life and effect on the person taking it.

Overall, PureEnergy gives 30% more effects than regular caffeine. It works without the crash symptoms usually present in caffeine supplements. Once it enters the brain, it will interact with different neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine, GABA, glutamate, serotonin, and noradrenaline. All these are regulated by Adenosine, a chemical responsible for cellular energy transfer and neuron signaling.

Some take a massive dosage of this supplement that can be as much as 300 mg or more a day just to sustain their alertness. The recommended dose for PureEnergy is a maximum of 250 mg a day. Although the supplement promises to defeat the jitters, a very high dose can induce negative side effects. Taking too much of this caffeine supplement can lead to sleeping problems which will be the root of other health problems.

Anyway, many nootropic enthusiasts speak highly of this supplement and its ability to make caffeine a more powerful option. For the best results, it should be taken in the morning so the effect will start to wear off when it’s time go to sleep. The supplement will start to kick in at least 15 minutes after ingestion. So what is the best nootropic stack? It’s interesting that they also resort to caffeine.

best nootropic stack

Are these safe?

The safety level of these potent substances is quite hard to measure. The jury is out as to whether the Silicon Valley practice is safe or not. There are quite a few options mentioned here that are probably safe including the Pure Energy caffeine, Nootrobox, as well as stacking legitimate nootropics.

However, the likes of ADHD medications and LSD are highly potent and it imposes a risk of abuse. ADHD medications could work if the person is suffering from the disorder. But for those taking it for boosting their brain, tolerance and dependence is something to watch out for.

LSD is a psychedelic substance and it can wreak havoc to the brain if taken haphazardly. The federal law deems this substance as illegal and in the ranks of notorious drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Can I take it too?

It can be both a yes and a no. If you’re talking about the relatively safe options here, I have no reason to stop you. However, the psychedelic choices should be out of the window. It’s highly dangerous and the process of acquiring and possessing it can land you to jail. Of all the answers to the best nootropic stack, you should avoid the illegal ones.

ADHD medications have long been on the walls of colleges. It’s a plague that the law simply can’t arrest. As long as there are black markets providing a supply of these medications, it’s far from stopping.

If you want to be as smart as the people in Silicon Valley, smart drugs aren’t the sole ingredient in the formula. At some point, these guys studied and mastered their craft through endless practice. There’s no magic pill like the NZT-48.

So what is the best nootropic stack? It’s a mix of both the good and the bad.

Don’t get me wrong, Silicon Valley people aren’t illegal druggists masked as programmers or business executives. They are all just humans looking for ways to increase their mental and physical endurance. Some of them prefer to live on the edge while others are on the safe side. To each his own.

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