How To Stack Nootropics Properly – 5 Cautions You Should Take

Nootropic stacking isn’t new to those taking smart drugs for a long time now. But for total newbs, this is the process of combining two or more individual nootropic drugs to achieve a better effect. This could be for memory enhancement, mood, or energy. But before you stack, it’s important that you understand the concept of pairing nootropics including the harm it may bring. You should know how to stack nootropics to prevent negative side effects from taking over the supposed benefits.

The main goal of stacking is to enhance each of the drugs’ effect. This is why pre-formulated supplements are available commercially. Although custom stacking is also a thing, only the experts can do this successfully by minimizing the side effects.

Of course, smart drugs can stand on its own. But there’s some limit to it that can only be destroyed through the help of other substances.

You can’t stack just everything

Just because two substances are nootropics doesn’t mean you can stack them right away. You simply don’t stack a Choline source with another Choline source if it’s not needed. This redundancy can either expose you to overdose or defeat the purpose that the substance should be performing.

Each smart drug has its own level of potency. It also has its own set of side effects that when not factored in could wreak havoc on your nervous system. Purchasing a pre-formulated supplement or asking the prescription of a medical expert is a safe way of acquiring a stack. It will also cut the risk of wrong stacking if you’re worried about how to stack nootropics.

how to stack nootropics

Performing some research before combining two powerful nootropics will save you from imminent danger. Read testimonials and other reviews about what other users feel after taking a specific stack. Although this shouldn’t be your sole reference, it will give you a bigger picture of what it’s like to ingest a certain drug.

 Stacking tried and tested pairs would be better especially if you’re just starting out on nootropics. There are other considerations you have to learn here so keep reading the following points.

Synergy is the key

Like what I said earlier, you simply can’t stack random nootropics. The key here is to ensure that the nootropics will bond synergically with each other. This means that the drugs enhance each other’s effects and defeating harsh side effect that may hinder the benefits.

If there’s one quintessential example of nootropics bonding in great synergy, it would be the relationship between caffeine and L-Theanine. The L-Theanine substance will induce a feeling of calmness a well as creativity and productivity. Meanwhile, caffeine gives the feeling of wakefulness, alertness, and energy. However, caffeine is also known for its jittery effects. This is what the L-Theanine counteracts to achieve a wakeful relaxation.

It’s important that you achieve the same relationship to ensure that the drugs will work harmoniously on your system. Knowing how to stack nootropics becomes even more crucial if you’re self-stacking.

Achieving synergy shouldn’t be a hit-and-miss process. You should learn how the substances will behave and interact with each other. If the smart drugs tend to counteract the benefits of each one, it’s not a good stack. It might induce headaches, nausea, fever, and other harsh effects that will sabotage your studies or effects you’re trying to achieve.

Dosage is crucial

Fine tuning the dosage of a certain stack is better done by experts. If you’re a newbie in smart drugs, it’s best to purchase a trusted pre-formulated supplement so you won’t have to do the measuring job. Nootropics are usually measured by milligrams or grams, so make sure that you have a trusty measuring scale to use if you’re formulating your own stack.

how to stack nootropics

Knowing the maximum dosage per day of a certain drug in relation to the stacked nootropics is your first assignment. The “in relation” part is crucial since some drugs might have a very potent effect that it has to be decreased in dosage when combined with other nootropics.

Most nootropics purchased “raw” would come with the dosage information.  Placing a day’s dosage in capsules will ensure that you’re taking the right amount. An encapsulating machine can be bought for this purpose so you can also stock up with pills you can pop every day. It’s a big hassle to go through the process of measuring a day’s dosage every single time you have to take it.

If you don’t trust your skills, you might as well let a nootropic expert teach you how to stack nootropics.

Pre-formulated vs. Custom Stack

The part where you choose between a pre-formulated stack and a custom stack depends on how well you can mix nootropics. Stacking takes a lot of practice and research before you can actually perfect it. And if you want a potent dose, doing it yourself could pose some health risks.

Pre-formulated is the easy way since you’ll already get the combination of smart drugs in capsules from pharmacies. Over the counter options usually undergo lab tests before selling it to the public. This adds a point on the efficiency of the stack as a nootropic. But as much as pre-formulated stacks are convenient, you’re stripped off of freedom to explore other nootropic substances. But if you want an on-the-go option, OTC supplements would be unbeatable.

Custom stack, on the other hand, will require creativity, knowledge of the substance, and a high level of accuracy. Although it poses a higher risk of wrongful dosage, designing your own stack is more economical.

Finding out the right stack for you is quite tiring but worth it if you want the freedom of exploring other options. Again, if you don’t know how to stack nootropics, just stick to a pre-formulated option.

Target effect

One thing that you have to set before stacking is defining the effect you want to achieve. Ask yourself first, what do I want to achieve by taking this stack? It can be for uplifting your mood, enhancing your memory, added energy, and more. Evaluating the benefits you want to enjoy is the foundation of nootropic stacking.

If you want to boost your wakefulness, you should avoid stacking your drug with something that will induce drowsiness and sleepiness. This is the same thing when you want to enhance your focus and mood.

The good thing about stacking smart drugs is you can infuse it with vitamins that will be beneficial for your overall health. There are nootropics that can target all the major benefits in just one capsule. Custom stacking it yourself could be a bit tricky, but worth it if you want to enjoy all the perks.

how to stack nootropics

By knowing what you want to accomplish with a certain stack, you can downsize your nootropic options. The choices for smart drugs can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Your lodestar here is the benefits you want to enjoy and the effect you want to achieve or defeat.

Dealing with side effects

Nootropics aren’t beds of roses. Some of the very potent substances will have harsh side effects if taken in very large doses or with the wrong pair of nootropic. A lot of smart drugs that are safe but you should know how to stack nootropics. Some would have jitters and mild headaches as the extreme side effect while there are those that are fairly strong but safe.

Beginner nootropic takers are most likely the bunch who would experience some side effects. The body is yet to adjust to the new substance and the change might induce some unpleasant feeling like nausea, headache, dizziness, and other mild discomforts. These side effects would likely wear off after a few days of taking the supplement, but if it doesn’t go away, you should go to a doctor.

Some users can actually dodge the side effects if they have their underlying conditions diagnosed. There are nootropics that aren’t supposed to be taken by people with a certain condition. Most of the time, nootropics shouldn’t be taken with other medications no matter how safe it seems to be. Substances can behave unfavorably if mixed with other drugs.

The risk of going big

Newbie takers are easily lured to go big right away. This is the biggest mistake that can put someone’s health at great peril. The rule of thumb for first-timer nootropic takers is to go below the recommended daily dose as how to stack nootropics. This is so the body can adjust slowly to the new substance and the boost it will give to the brain.

There are brain-boosting substances you can take daily while there are also some that have to be taken in a few days’ gaps. The lingering effect of nootropics is the reason why you shouldn’t pop one pill at a time, especially if you’re custom stacking. When it comes to pre-formulated supplements, many pharmaceutical companies had come up with a safe dosage that can be taken regularly.

Going big in terms of the number of nootropics stacked together can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. It’s all in the dosage and synergy that you’ll achieve better effects with minimal side effects. If this is your first time to take a stack, I advise that you remain patient and let your body catch up with the new degree of brain-boosting it’s going to receive. It might take time, but it will be safer since you can observe the side effects as you add more drugs.

Skipping the fad

At all cost, don’t fall prey on the nootropic fads that surround the internet and the smart drug community. There are some crazy takers that will suggest that you power up with the dosage at once to give the brain a strong “first kick”. This is a very risky move that may over boost the brain and send you to the emergency room. Also, it’s not how to stack nootropics properly.

Remember that taking nootropics is a gamble for your health. You can minimize whatever risk it can bring by asking the opinion of your doctor and other medical professionals. Skip the fad and believe only trustworthy sources of information about the stack you’re about to take.

how to stack nootropics

Another thing that you should avoid doing is using your body as a test guinea pig. Avoid switching from one stack to another just so you’ll know what works best. Most likely, the last stack you last took still lingers on your system and taking another would result in a health issue.

Even if the new trends in nootropics are too good, make sure to do your research and ask the right people about it. Being a trailblazer isn’t always a good thing.

Safety issues

Like any other supplement and drug, nootropics has its own share of safety issues. The opinions of medical experts are divided about smart drugs. Some stress the risk of improperly boosting the brain and the empty promises that nootropic stack brings. However, there are also medical professionals who believe in the help these substances can bring if taken properly.

Let me clarify this: these substances are safe if you know how to stack nootropics. One of the major concerns about nootropics these days is the overdose that may happen. Some self-dosing takers are exposed to the risk of over stacking and mixing the wrong drugs. This can go haywire and a visit to the emergency room may take place.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t in the drug, it’s the taker that sometimes causes the issue. Students who are cramming for a deadline or exam would pop one pill at a time. They ignore the dosage or prescription that will cause the overdose. If you’re one hard-headed kid, this isn’t far from happening to you. No one is a toughie when a large amount of drugs starts to misbehave inside the body.

By knowing how to stack nootropics, you can prevent all these from happening. After all, nootropics are still drugs that have to be taken with proper caution. Ask your doctor about it first before popping any pill so you can minimize the risk that these substances entail.

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