Essential Nootropics Information Every Beginner Should Know

With the craze about nootropic drugs, it’s easy to be carried away by the bandwagon. You might also consider taking one on the advice of a friend or because you’re hoping that it will make you smarter. Although it really works in the memory department, there is some nootropics information you should know first as a beginner.

Remember that a specific smart drug may have a corresponding side effect. It could be mild drowsiness or extreme energy. Here are some of the points to ponder:

1. Every nootropic is made for a specific purpose

Before popping nootropic pills, you should know that each nootropic drug is made for a specific type of effect. If you want a drug that will enhance your memory, take the likes of Bacopa or Ginkgo. For the purpose of energy, Noopept and racetams might be the best options.

Those experiencing panic and anxiety attacks will likely take nootropics like Phenibut, St. John’s Wort, and Tryptophan. Meanwhile, Choline, Piracetam, and others will do perfectly for enhancing cognitive functions.

If you’re in doubt, always seek the opinion of nootropic experts. Don’t be a victim of fraudulent sellers who will give you unregistered drugs. Also, not all nootropics can be taken by starters. Some are too strong and will require experience from another nootropic. If you’re planning to buy your first smart drug, it’s best to start with herbal and natural options.

2. Research how it works

The biggest sin is that you didn’t research for further nootropics information. Make sure that you know how a certain nootropic behaves inside the body and what side effects you can expect. This is important so you’re prepared for the possible scenarios.

Basically, nootropics are only supplements to your brain’s natural power. It has the ability to enhance your memory retention and recall, but you have to do your part if you want to pass an exam or ace a report. By no means does it cure any mental condition or memory loss. The only exception is if your doctor prescribed it as a form of a therapeutic drug.

Keep in mind that nootropic drugs won’t make you smart in an instant. Sure, it will help you with your memorization, but you still have to work it and maintain a healthy diet.

nootropics information

3. Know what’s on your stack

Regardless if you’re taking a standalone drug or a nootropic stack, it’s important that you know what’s in it. It’s important to check the ingredients so you know what it will do to your body. The last thing you want to happen is an overdose or a bout of allergy. Another thing is you might also be missing some important nootropic substances that complement the stack or drug you’re taking. Here are some of the basic ingredients and nootropics information that do wonders on the brain:

B Vitamins. Even if you’re not taking nootropics, B Vitamins is important in maintaining muscle and brain health.

Choline. As a precursor of the brain’s Acetylcholine, this substance is necessary for its neuroprotective behavior and its ability to keep the brain well-oiled.

Ginkgo biloba. This herbal medicine increases the blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain so your brain is on top of its shape.

DHA. This is a very important amino acid which is a staple of formula milk for babies. It’s said to enhance the learning capacity of an infant as well as memory recall and retention of adults.

Vitamin D.  Lack of Vitamin D was proven by science to cause poor memory.

4. Follow the proper dosage

Like any other drug, nootropics also follows a specific matrix of dosaging, especially for those who are starting out. Following the right dosage will ensure that you’re achieving the result that you want without compromising your health.

Overdose can cause hallucinations, nausea, and even fatal conditions. This is the last thing you would want to happen. Also, each nootropic drug has a specific potency level. You should also know about the bioavailability of the substance on your body so you’ll know how much you should take without inadvertently overdosing yourself. The half-life of the drug is also important nootropics information in terms of dosaging.

For beginners, it’s a rule of thumb to start with a small dosage. This is so you can have a “feel” of the drug and your body and brain can adjust slowly to the new substance. Never consider trying the “Mega Dose” trend since it imposes a high-risk overdose.

nootropics information

5. Buy from legitimate sellers

Just because the seller has tons of ads on the web doesn’t mean you’re going to trust them right away. Learn to ask questions and look for proof. A legitimate nootropic dealer would have a Certificate of Analysis for every nootropic product he has on the shelf. This is a document containing the breakdown of chemicals and ingredients present in the stack/drug you plan to purchase.

This piece of document is a proof that the substance is pure and safe for ingestion. It would include more details including a dedicated number assignment. When it comes to choosing the seller, it’s best to deal with one that has a seal or certificate of excellence in customer service. You should also take the time to check the validity of the certificates.

6. Never trade your doctor’s prescription for other drugs

Nootropics are drugs too, and to ensure you’re out of harm’s way, you should follow your doctor’s orders. Take the smart drugs your doctors prescribe or recommend. The physician will be the perfect person to ask about dosage and the right type of nootropic for the purpose you want to achieve. This is very important especially if you’re under another medication.

These nootropics information are just basic things you should know if you’re planning to take a smart drug. Always be meticulous and mindful of fraudulent sellers. If you want to be sure, let your doctor prescribe you with one. Do you have something to add here? Feel free to send it below!

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