Feeling Drained? Check Out These 8 Nootropics For Energy!

A tiring a day in school? Or a draining work day and you still have to finish a report? All of us experienced a very tiring day but we still have to finish more things. Most of the time, we will run out of energy to do this. The result? We get scolded by our boss or we fail an exam at school. Lethargy can be unbearable. You might as well take nootropics for energy to give your body and brain a massive kick of needed vigor.

Stop relying on endless cups of coffee just to be awake. There are smart drugs you can take to make sure that you’re awake and your brain is functioning at its best. Check this simple roundup we made.

1. Noopept

Noopept is a potent nootropic known for its ability to enhance the cognitive functions on a whole different level. It’s 1000 times more powerful than the usual Piracetam but it works without overpowering the brain. Noopept can also improve someone’s motivation. It stimulates the acetylcholine and glutamate receptors in the nervous system.

Noopept is developed in Russia in the 1990s era to treat several illnesses. Its peptide structure can help in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor and the nerve growth factor. The best part is the effect will take place a few minutes afterr oral ingestion.

One good thing about Noopept is you can use your brain energy on productive tasks. You’ll experience an increase in the beta 1 and alpha waves in the brain necessary for creativity. Its effect on energy-boosting is milder but evident if you used to be a lethargic soul.

It’s safe to take Noopept as your nootropics for energy as long as you get the right dosage. Remember, it’s potent and it will have a massive effect on the brain.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a traditional herb used in countries like Scandinavia, China, and areas around Europe. It’s a high-altitude plant that is a cure for fatigue. Rhodiola contains adaptogens that can block stress signals in the body. It results in a calmer and less tired body. It bears a restorative characteristic that benefits the brain the most.

One of the key effects of Rhodiola Rosea alleviating fatigue and stress under prolonged exposure to a tiring environment. Students who spend the whole day studying would love these benefits Rhodiola. It’s a combination of energy and memory boost for longer endurance.

Once the compounds in these nootropics for energy enter the brain, it will modulate the enzymes that stop the production of serotonin. It will also improve the signaling pathways of different neurotransmitters for better decision-making. Aside from serotonin, Rhodiola also increases the production of other happy hormones.

nootropics for energy

3. L-Tyrosine

If you want something that will energize your body and mind, the L-Tyrosine nootropics would be efficient. It sends a “buffer” on the brain so it will produce three important hormones namely dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These catecholamines are responsible for lifting up the mood and giving the mind added energy.

Another benefit you’ll get from L-Tyrosine is its ability to enhance your cognitive skills even under a very stressful condition. One example is answering a time-bounded exam or speaking extemporaneously. L-Tyrosine gives more brainpower than physical energy so you can perform tasks that require intense mental processing.

Studies found positive effects of L-Tyrosine to those who are sleep deprived and performing different memory skills. It’s concluded that these nootropics for energy improve the working memory. This will give you optimal cognition when needed.

Take note that L-Tyrosine only buffers, and not stimulate, the brain to produce the hormones. It’s like giving it a good shake to wake up and start doing its job. L-Tyrosine serves as a red flag to the brain that something is lacking and has to be topped up.

4. Modafinil

Modafinil is a cure for narcolepsy but it later evolved into a full-fledged nootropic. Although a prescription drug, Modafinil can be taken by non-narcoleptic individuals as long as their doctors give them due prescription. It will enhance the feeling of wakefulness and mental clarity of the person taking it.

This substance will give you both physical and mental energy. In fact, it will even encourage you to exercise or perform sports. The chemicals present in Modafinil called Orexin and Hypocretin delays the onset of fatigue so you’ll have physical and mental endurance for different activities. It will trick the brain to stop sending fatigue signals. However, if you’re a competitive athlete, take note that this is a performing-enhancing drug.

Modafinil is safe to take because even if it counts as a neurogenic substance, it’s not an amphetamine drug. Just be careful on the dosage and make sure that your doctor gave you a prescription for this. Don’t administer it on your own especially if you’re under a separate medication.

5. Adrafinil

Adrafinil, as one of the nootropics for energy, was first discovered by a pharmaceutical company and was initially used as a treatment for narcolepsy. Since it can suppress daytime sleepiness and give the person who takes it a mental boost, experts discovered that it can be used a nootropics drug. The primary effect to those who take it regularly is added energy, wakefulness, and delayed fatigue under intense physical and mental activities.

What Adrafinil does to the brain is it stimulates the adrenergic system of our body. This part is the one responsible for the fight and flight stimuli. Once Adrafinil is in your brain, your adrenaline will kick in so you’ll have instant energy boost even if you feel lethargic or if you lack sleep.

It will result in longer endurance to fatigue, laser-like focus, and the motivation to accomplish things. Workers and students will both benefit from taking this drug but remember to take only the right dosage. Adrafinil is quite a potent smart drug that will require medical supervision.

nootropics for energy

6. Phenylpiracetam

If you want to experience at least almost the same feeling as taking Adderall, the closest and safest thing you can take is Phenylpiracetam. As one of the nootropics for energy, it gives a boost in energy and it also improves the physical stamina of the person who takes it. Phenylpiracetam has a half-life of 3-5 hours from the initial ingestion.

This drug increases the much-needed catecholamines like what the L-Tyrosine drug does. These hormones will then uplift the person’s mood and give him more mental energy. Phenylpiracetam will also speed up your recovery from stress and fatigue. I think the most beneficial effect is it provides the body with higher levels of stress tolerance. Such a thing can prevent different mental conditions including amnesia.

Russians administered Phenylpiracetam to their soldiers and cosmonauts to make their body more suitable for heavy work. Anyone can use this but athletes should be cautious as this substance falls under the performing enhancing drug label. Phenylpiracetam is included on the list of prohibited substances of the World’s Anti-Doping Agency.

7. Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is a derivative of the nootropics drug Piracetam but it can be 5-30 times more potent. The common effect of these nootropics for energy is improved social skills including public speaking or banishing social anxiety.  Doctors in Europe initially used this as a treatment for dyslexia and ADHD.

Pramiracetam also gives energy levels a boost through the increase of nitric oxide synthase in the nervous system. Individuals who take this will experience fewer inhibitions and evident confidence sans the emotional stress they usually encounter when performing a specific task.

When Pramiracetam enters the brain, it will increase the electrical activities necessary for inducing motivation together with enhanced memory skills. It’s a double whammy effect on your body.

Remember that Pramiracetam may also have effects on your perception of visuals and sounds. You might have a brighter look on colors or you might have a sensitivity to different sounds. These effects are somehow related to the alertness you’ll get from the drug.

8. Bacopa monnieri

In case you prefer a natural nootropic to boost your energy, Bacopa monnieri is a good option. This substance enhances the electrical conductivity for better motivation and energy. It’s when the neurotransmitters in the brain are working at its top shape.

The function of Bacopa falls on the production of Acetylcholine and serotonin. These two are both important in keeping brain performance and giving the body a boost of energy. Since Bacopa also gives an anxiolytic effect, the person taking this would experience a surge on energy levels. The good thing here is your mind will be calm together with the endurance to perform strenuous mind and body activities.

By taking this supplement, you’ll enjoy the benefit of reduced panic attacks, clear memory, delayed aging, and brain-protecting effects. The chemical in Bacopa monnieri called Hersaponin is an alkaloid responsible for the sedative-like feeling you’ll get.

So far, Bacopa is safe to take and it has no recorded side effects. You can purchase this over the counter with pills containing the recommended daily dosage.

Taking nootropics for energy is a great way to keep your mind and body going for different activities. Aside from the energizing effect, you’ll also benefit from the memory-enhancing functions of these drugs. Just follow the right dosage or secure a prescription from your doctor to ensure that the drug is suitable for you. Do you agree? Let us know below!

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