6 Foolproof Hacks To Make Nootropics Work On Your Advantage

Nootropics are popular among students and workers who need added kick on their memory and brain functions. Although it functions just as advertised, you have to do something to make it work to your advantage and in a regular manner. You have to stick to a regular routine to ensure that the brain juices are working in harmony with the smart drugs. Here are some simple but guaranteed ways to making nootropics work consistently:

1. Stick to a healthy diet

Remember that as much as nootropics are packed with brain-boosting vitamins, it’s not enough to support all your brain functions and needs. You have to keep the overall wellness of your body by having a daily dose of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamins and minerals.

Aside from taking up your smart pills, ensure that you’re eating healthy. It will give your immune system a boost so your body is in top shape for studying and performing heavy mental activities. It’s easy to imagine the scenario if you’re not eating well. You’ll be hungry and your body will feel lethargic. Even if you feel awake and has the mindset to accomplish your tasks, you won’t have the physical willingness to do so.

Another thing is that diseases and constant sickness can get in the way of your brain functions. This can happen even if you keep taking your smart pills.

2. Sleep tight

At least once, you surely had a sleepless night. The result the next day isn’t favorable for someone trying to enhance his brain abilities. Lack of sleep can cause disorientation, lethargy, and it’s not a way of making nootropics work consistently.

Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day is a must. This timeframe is enough to let the steam off your brain and let the nerves have its well-deserved rest. Although there are drugs like Modafinil and Adrafinil that induce wakefulness, skipping enough 40 winks won’t be a healthy habit.

making nootropics work consistently

Experts have long been stressing the importance of quality sleep vs. plain sleeping. Your brain recovers the most during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase. This part of your sleep cycle is where most memories are maintained and the body experiences a deep and restful slumber.

3. Perform some brain exercise

Like your physical body, it’s not enough that you’re supplying your brain with nutrients. You have to flex its “muscles”. There is what experts call as “brain aerobics” where you answer mind-boggling quizzes like Sudoku and word puzzles. Doing these exercises was said to delay the onset of age-related cognitive decline.

However, it’s important to note that brain exercises shouldn’t be the usual mental work you do at school or office. You have to come up with unique drills that the mind isn’t used if you want to succeed in making nootropics work consistently. If you’re consistently solving math problems, why not try word quizzes or figuring out a Rubik’s cube?

If you want a constant supply of these brain exercises, you can download some from PlayStore and iTunes. There is also tons of it on Dr. Arlene Taylor’s website: arlenetaylor.org

4. Stretch your body

Aside from keeping your brain muscles well-flexed, you should also take time to exercise physically. This will freshen up your entire body by keeping the blood flow at an ideal level as well as maintaining your immune system on its optimal function.

Enough exercise cuts the risk of obesity and other illnesses that can impede the function of your nootropics. Working out also helps release “happy hormones” like serotonin and dopamine that will, in turn, make you feel good about yourself. Also, exercising will deliver more oxygen to the brain to keep it running well.

Once your brain is flooded with happy hormones, you’ll have more supply of acetylcholine which serves as the “oiling system” of the nervous system. Nootropics like racetams help produce this chemical in our brains.

This chemical, which is a type of choline, helps improve the synaptic plasticity and the NGF process.

making nootropics work consistently

5. Listen to your jam

We probably tried it before and the results are amazing. Listening to your favorite music is seen to have a dopaminergic result to the brain which helps boost the “feel-good” hormones. Studies have also found that music amplifies the brainwaves and is directly related to the production of more neurotransmitters. Such a thing helps in making nootropics work consistently.

Music is also seen to improve the flow of blood in the calmodulin pathway in the brain. This regulates and reduces the blood pressure in the nervous system to prevent any fatal illnesses. Take note that the type of music you listen to will have varying effects. Those who prefer rock music were seen to move and think faster while those who listen to jazz are more laidback and focused. It’s important that whatever you listen to, you won’t be distracted. One time, I end up singing and not studying, mind you.

6. Always take the right dosage

Nootropic drugs aren’t sweet candies you can chew anytime you feel like you’re running out of energy. You have to follow a safe and specific dosage to ensure that you won’t pump your brain too much or have too little benefit from the drug. Remember that beyond its positive effects, smart drugs can also be abused.

Always refer to the instructions on the drug or much better, ask for a prescription from your doctor. Beware of shady sellers as they might be giving you a substance that isn’t safe for consumption. Beginners are most likely to be victimized on this kind of scheme.

Asking the right person about the dosage will save you from the risk of overdose and brainpower overload.

Making nootropics work consistently is a matter of staying healthy and avoiding any temptation of stacking the wrong drugs. Don’t be too hasty on improving your cognitive abilities. Choose the right nootropics that work for you and start with a small dosage. This way, you’re safe from the lethal possibilities of these drugs.

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6 Foolproof Hacks To Make Nootropics Work On Your Advantage

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