Nootropic Stacks Guaranteed To Pump Up Your Brainpower

A single nootropic can work well in boosting your brainpower, but veteran users discovered that stacking them would bring in more benefits. Stacking is the process of combining more than one smart drug in one dosage in order to reveal more properties of each other. The best nootropics stack is one that will interact well when it reaches the brain.

But it’s important to note that not all nootropics are compatible for stacking. You have to factor in the potency and compatibility of each drug to avoid the risk of overdose or negative effects.

Here are some of the guaranteed stacks you can explore:

1. L-Theanine and Caffeine

Of all the stacks I can recommend, the pair of L-Theanine and Caffeine is the simplest and safest. Why? It’s because this combination translates to “green tea”. Simply taking a cup or two of tea every day will give substantial effect in increasing your attention span and memory.

The L-Theanine acts as the relaxant of the firing neurons in the brain. This is the reason why you feel calm after finishing a cup of green tea. It aids the GABA in the brain to stop the nerves from being overexcited. L-Theanine is an organic choice since it can be extracted from natural sources like green tea leaves.

Meanwhile, caffeine gives you the wakefulness feeling by compensating the lack of adenosine supply in the brain. These two works harmoniously by blocking each other’s negative effects.

2. Alpha GPC and Pramiracetam

If you’re lacking the motivation to accomplish things, you probably need the best nootropics stack of Alpha GPC and Pramiracetam. It’s one of the most common study stacks as it can heighten the mental ability for better memorization and recall. As to how users put it, this stack induces the “purpose-driven” effect in the brain so you’ll have the willingness to do things and feel happy about it.

The relationship between these two nootropics is actually interesting and very mutual. The Pramiracetam drug would be the one to increase the demand for Acetylcholine in the brain as it stimulates the attention and mood. As the brain runs out of the needed choline, the Alpha GPC then works to sustain the supply. The result is a massive brain kick!

best nootropics stack

3. Racetam, Choline, and ALCAR

The common reason why you experience headaches under intense mental activity is that your brain lacks Acetylcholine. This is exactly what this stack will do. The Choline and ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine) will be doing the busywork of producing more Acetylcholine in the brain. This is necessary so the neurotransmitters would be at its optimal function. With two Acetylcholine, your brain will have enough “oil” to last hours of intense studying.

So what does the racetam do in this best nootropics stack? Once your brain is flooded with Choline, the racetam of your choice would be improving the neurotransmitters’ activities. It will result in clarity of thought, faster memory recall, and focus.

You can actually take the stack without the racetam but I suggest that you keep this nootropic for added brainpower.

4. Citicoline and Noopept

Again, we need a source of Choline in a nootropic stack. This is the reason why we have Citicoline here to ensure that your brain oil is at a prime supply while the Noopept does the boosting effect.

Noopept is a widely used smart drug due to its potency. It acts like Piracetam when boosting the memory and concentration of a person but 1000 times more potent according to studies. Since Noopept will improve the signaling system of the brain, it will take its toll on the supply of Acetylcholine. This is where the role of Citicoline becomes crucial.

It’s like putting oil on your car with 800 horsepower. The Citicoline ensures that the engine won’t burn or that the gears would lose its grip.

5. Stacks of choline

Beginners who plan to take the best nootropics stack will have a good start on the combination of two or more Choline sources. You can use Alpha GPC and Centrophenoxine or a variation with Citicoline or ALCAR as long as the two works well together. Once it reaches the brain, you’ll have enough supply of Acetylcholine to prevent “frying” your brains from synthetic smart drugs.

The rule of thumb here is to stack two Choline sources that can cross the blood-barrier without the need for a separate permeating agent. Choline Bitartrate should be avoided as it can’t cross the barrier and it will make your stacking flimsy.

best nootropics stack

6. Racetam stacks

If you’re looking for more power than basic Choline stacks, the combination of different racetam drugs would be excellent. One best example is the PAO stack namely Piracetam, Aniracetam, and the Oxiracetam drug.  Aniracetam will work as a general booster for the brain while Oxiracetam will focus on enhancing the myelin and synapses.

The cherry on top is the Piracetam that will uplift your mood. Just take note that this stack is potent and may not be the best option for beginners. Anyway, this is an excellent brain booster and the right dosage will prevent any harmful side effects.

7. Centrophenoxine, Piracetam, and Bacopa monnieri

Starting with the Bacopa monnieri that will give your memory and learning an excellent enhancement, these combos would be great as a study stack. The Piracetam will add a boost on the mood as well as on the memory so you can experience the best improvement on your cognition.

The Centrophenoxine, on the other hand, would be the supplier of the much-needed Acetylcholine. It’s the right balance of brainpower without pumping the nervous system with too much energy. There are no recorded side effects on this stack but always take the right dosage to be safe.

The best nootropics stack you would choose should meet the demands of your brain activities. You’re free to explore the combination of smart drugs you want to take. Just ensure that the combinations are proper and it won’t have any harsh side effects.

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