9 Effects Of Nootropics That Help Ease Your Anxiety

Individuals who are suffering from anxiety are usually prescribed with anxiolytic drugs to control and ease their panic attacks. Some use the best nootropics for anxiety for a combo of brain power and fewer panic episodes. Although the effects will vary from person to person, these smart drugs work by fixing some neurochemicals in the brain that triggers anxiety and the tendency of depression.


It’s easy to wonder how these drugs can somehow “fix” the mental condition even for a few hours. Here are some of its effects that we found:

1. It relaxes the blood pressure level

Anxiety attacks are caused by the shooting up behavior of the glutamate receptors in the brain. And when you take a nootropic, say L-Theanine, these wild receptors will be blocked with the inhibitory effects. The result would be a calm mood and lower blood pressure levels. The excitability of the brain is reduced.

When a person experiences anxiety attacks or bouts of depression, he or she will experience a rise in the blood pressure level. It can spike into perilous levels that can cause heart attacks and other related physical illnesses. The worst case scenario is a damaged artery and cardiac arrest.

2. It increases your focus

When you’re in the midst of an anxiety attack, your thoughts are in a massive tangle. You just can’t turn it off. But the effects of best nootropics for anxiety can help inhibit the excitatory receptors to give you a relaxed mood even for a while.

With that, you can practice meditation with the right focus. Psychologists and therapists have been prescribing regular meditation for those with mental health conditions as it helps them address negative thoughts.  The process of meditation actually helps in rewiring the brain to enhance sensory, cognitive, emotional, and mental aspects of a person’s mind.

best nootropics for anxiety

3. It cuts the stress

One of the triggers of anxiety attacks is heightened stress. Nootropics work by stopping the transmitters from shooting up and inducing too much excitability. The GABA on the nootropic will also block the glutamate from overreacting. Aside from easing the tendency of anxiety, reduced stress levels will also make a person more mentally productive. There would also be positive changes in behavior, emotions, mood, and learning.

The best nootropics for this purpose is one that’s made of natural ingredients. This would have fewer negative side effects compared to synthetic counterparts. The best thing to do is to consult your therapist about it.

4. It lessens panic attacks

Like what I said earlier, the Gamma Aminobutyric Acid or GABA that you get from nootropics will be the number one anxiolytic agent to decrease your trigger points. Enough supply of this neurochemical will stop any transmitter from acting wildly. It’s like GABA acting as a peacemaker on your brain. But let the amount drop and the brain will go bonkers.

Although one of the best nootropics for anxiety, take note that GABA can act alone. It doesn’t have the ability to cross the brain-blood barrier; therefore, a reactive agent is needed. You can stack GABA supplements with other drugs like L-Theanine to give it a ticket straight to the brain.

best nootropics for anxiety

5. It encourages you to exercise

Nootropics increase the supply of happy hormones on your brain to prevent you from succumbing to anxiety or depression. This means that you’ll have more dopamine, thus the willingness to exercise. The lack of this reward-seeking hormone can cause uncoordinated movement from the person with anxiety. Tics and sudden jerks could be observable.

Most nootropics would be inducing this kind of hormone to initiate the will to study and learn things. This will be beneficial for you since it will push you to seek feel-good activities like exercise and stretching. Some individuals even have a better sex drive when their dopamine levels are at a high.

6. It makes you smarter

Anxiety attacks can sometimes get in the way of memory recall. This is the reason why those suffering from such condition will have a slower response to a question or a conversation. But with nootropics packed with acetylcholine, your neurotransmitters would be more coherent and you can retrieve information faster.

The balancing act happening in your brain will also showcase its benefits during exams or heavy workload. Since your brain will have more oxygen levels, you’ll have a better attention span and willingness to finish a task.

best nootropics for anxiety

7. It will make you say goodbye to social anxiety

Most people with social anxiety hate a room full of people. Their palms will be sweaty and their breathing will turn heavy. Before you know it, someone is already having an anxiety attack. The reason behind this is their low levels of D2 receptor-bindings and dopamine hormones.

What needs to be done here is to stimulate and increase the supply of GABA to overcome the shyness and anxiety with the use of the best nootropics for anxiety. Your brain will have better social cognition so you can build better relationships and enhanced communication.

8. It increases your appetite

Are you skipping meals due to your bouts of anxiety? Taking up nootropic supplements can actually bring back your appetite. This is an important issue to address because the lack of bodily nutrients will worsen the situation since you’ll feel bad about how you look. A series of physical illnesses might also take over which makes the situation worse.

Once you start taking up nootropics, you’ll also have fewer attacks and your nausea problems will be cured.

best nootropics for anxiety

9. It stops your insomnia

Anxiety and insomnia seem to go hand in hand. Inconsolable thoughts can keep you wide awake at night which will cause hours of supposedly quality sleep. The effects of insomnia will manifest in the form of irritability, anger, self-harm, and lethargy. This is exactly what the calming nootropics help to address.

Once it triggers the supply of melatonin, you’ll have a longer REM sleep phase.

Aside from the best nootropics for anxiety, it’s important that you seek medical help for long-term solutions. Like physical wellness, mental health is equally important. Are you suffering from anxiety? Let us help you below.

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